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Box of Festivitea

₹ 1,500.00

For the love of infusions

Our Box of Blends is a charming combination of our best infusions. Each tea is infused with pure ingredients, selected by lovers of tea through ritualistic instinct. Whether it is the warmth of generation old recipes or the delight of discovering exotic flavours, the box has it all. The flavours ring true in their sweetest, raw, and intense forms, blended with Sri Lankan black tea.

Our Tea Box brings artisanal blends:

  • Jasmine Black Creme Tea
  • Sunny Infusion Black Tea
  • Lush Peach Black Tea
  • Cafe Chocolate Black Tea.
Box of Festivitea

₹ 1,500.00

For the love of Indian Tea

This festive season, start a new tradition of celebrations that begin at the heart of Indian culture—chai. Let acquaintances become loved ones and loved ones become home by greeting them with memories of conversations and flavours shared. Our Uphaar Festive Tea box is handcrafted with warmth, designed with love and has selections to please every taste palate. With masterful blends inspired by the taste of India, it’s comfort at its luxurious best.

Our Uphaar Festive Tea Box creates a sublime tea experience with:

  • Beloved Saffron Tea
  • Regal Badam Tea
  • Gujarati Sunshine Kahwa Tea
  • Cardamom Flowers Black Tea.
Box of Tete-e-teas

₹ 1,200.00

For the love of classic selections

Gift true luxury by stepping away from traditionally predictable corporate gifts, and choosing a memorable, handcrafted experience. Our Connoisseur’s Brew Box is designed to please, with a selection for every kind of taste palate. Choose teas with a standard of quality that matches up to yours, and goes beyond to let you immerse in masterful brews.

Our Connoisseur’s Brew Box creates a sublime tea experience with:

  • Purely Green Tea
  • Honey Black Oolong Tea
  • Sublime Sikkim Black Tea.
Box of Serendipitea
Sale -40%
₹ 1,200.00
₹ 720.00

For the love of travelling teas

Our Box of Little Moments is made for moments spent with family, loved ones, in comfort and with smiles. With a tastefully selected set of infusions, the flavours stem both from India and from across the world. Take a sip of global cultures and the flavours of festivals with blends crafted to please, delight and savour.

Our Oriental Luxury Tea Box creates a refreshing tea experience with:

  • Vanilla Crème Black Tea
  • Noel Christmas Black Tea
  • Spice Island Chai.
Box of Exclusivitea

₹ 3,000.00

For the love of luxury

Tune in to flavours from across the world with our Oriental Luxury Tea Box. With melodious, fresh aromas from Japan, China and India, the Oriental box is crafted to bring an indulgent exotic experience. Immerse in true luxury with the finest picks that bring a distinct palate, everlasting freshness and flavours that please the soul. Every tea in our Oriental box promises a memorable tasting experience and a journey to a land far away, brought right to your home.

Our Box of Little Moments brings artisanal blends:

  • Forever White Tea
  • Golden Genmaicha
  • Earl Grey De La Crème Black Tea.
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