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Golden Genmaicha Golden Genmaicha
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₹ 950.00
₹ 570.00

Our Golden Genmaicha tastes like sweet spring memories melting into the constant delight of summer. It is delicate and delightful, surprising and familiar, all at once and the beauty of the brew lies in its unending layers. Grown in Kyoto in Japan, our green tea is the best quality tea available in India.

₹ 299.00

We like to believe that our native's green tea is more of an experience than a cup of tea, for it is an instant reminder of fresh fields, free skies and the sweetness of summer. Cultivated in the cool paradise that Assam is, it is lovingly grown to be the best tea available in India. Being a wellness tea, it is minimally processed to promise the sweet, woody aroma it is known for.

₹ 250.00

Our purely green tea is a sophisticated brew for tea lovers that look for the subtler flavours. With a light body and delicate vegetal flavours, this brew is an easy pick for those who prefer hints of flavours that are surprisingly enduring. Grown in the heart of Mizoram, our green tea is the best quality tea grown in India.

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