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₹ 220.00
Experience the secret world of our traditional immunity boosting tea collection that contains:

  • Honey Black Oolong Tea
  • Native's Green Tea
  • Purely Green Tea
  • Divine Mizoram Black Tea
  • Sublime Sikkim Black Tea
  • Tranquil Assam Black Tea.

₹ 200.00
Much like India evokes a mix of aromas and flavours, our Indian Teas Sampler brings an intoxicating mix of Indian blends:

  • Desi Masala Chai
  • Hearth Healing Black Tea
  • Regal Badam Tea
  • Gujarati Sunshine Kahwa Tea
  • Truly Tulsi Green Tea
  • Beloved Saffron Black Tea.

₹ 250.00
Sip the essence of tea plantations from all across the world with our exotic, handpicked international blends. The Internal Teas Sampler box includes:

  • Jasmine Black Creme Tea
  • Sunny Infusion Black Tea
  • Noel Christmas Black Tea
  • Lush Peach Black Tea
  • Cafe Chocolate Black Tea
  • Vanilla Creme Black Tea.

₹ 995.00
Take a sip from our finest blends, with choice ingredients blended artfully with premium teas from across the world. The Fine Blends Sampler Box includes:

  • Earl Grey De La Creme Tea
  • Ceylon Highlands Black Tea
  • Golden Genmaicha
  • Forever White Tea
  • Serene Organic Lemongrass Tea
  • Spice Island Tea.

₹ 425.00
Sample the best teas, grown at the best estates from around the world! Sourced from the best, crafted with love and packed with freshness at our estate, travelling from Assam to your home. The Estate Specials Sampler Box includes:

  • Golden Genmaicha
  • Vanilla Creme Black Tea
  • Desi Masala Chai
  • Ceylon Highlands Black Tea
  • Jasmine Black Creme Tea
  • Eternal Black Tea.
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