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White Tea

White Tea

The most delicate and sweet of all tea varieties, the beauty of white tea lies in its process. Gently cultivated and processed, it carries the memories of the mountains it is grown in, lending comfort to our urban existence. A tender fragrance and a natural taste, that’s all the luxury we want from our cup.


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Forever White Tea Forever White Tea
Sale -40%
₹ 1,450.00
₹ 870.00

This delicate, fruity blend is a late summer favourite, perfect for bringing a hint of sweetness to evenings on the edge of the season. Travelling to your cup all the way from China, our forever white tea is the best tea available in India. Since our wellness tea is minimally processed, it promises the tender sweetness it is known for.

Dearest White Tea Dearest White Tea
₹ 1,420.00
₹ 852.00

Our dearest white tea is a spring favourite that is surprisingly versatile and delightful, with an arousing flavour profile. These silvery moonlight tea leaves are incredibly smooth, almost artistic in their nature. Grown in Sanxia, New Taipei, the dearest white tea is the best quality tea available in India.

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