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Established in 1962

We are a product of our environment.

Explore our black tea that’s been nurtured and perfected over 60 years at our estate in the Golaghat district of Assam. Our estate has a unique topography where the land, soil and river combine to give you tea with a rich complexity of earthy flavors that capture the true essence of Assam and deliver you an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Eternal Assam Chai

Bold Taste | Medium Caffeine | Strong Aroma

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Soulful Assam Chai

Strong Taste | Medium Caffeine | Strong Aroma

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Absolute Assam Chai

Intense Taste | High Caffeine | Medium Aroma

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The Dhansiri River

Our estate is blessed with the river running through it, enabling us to have natural irrigation. This helps our soil be rich in nutrients, adding a unique earthy flavor and aroma profile to all our teas. 

The warmth and humidity

Our tea is grown in low altitude, leveraging the best of Assam’s highly humid environment. This helps us add the flavor intensity that Assam chai is famous for.

The Rungajaun family

Our tea is grown and plucked by the local Assamese community and its neighbouring regions. This helps us bring wisdom of techniques and authenticity of culture in every tea leaf.

Equality starts at home

Uplifting our tight-knit family of 1200 workers and treating them the same as anyone else is our small way of moving towards a more equal world. 


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