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Savour a cup of tea, and dive deep into the life within you, as you explore the ancient practice of reading tea leaves with our professional tea leaf reader.

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What does your tea say?

There’s more to tea than we know, for the art of tea goes back to many centuries before, when it was more than just a beverage. The act of savouring a cup of tea is considered almost meditative, and at least therapeutic in most cultures, where tea becomes the medium to unite the body, mind and soul.

Tasseography is the art of interpreting divine messages and symbols by reading loose tea leaves. Although it seems like a simple practice, the answers it unfolds are enchantingly surprising, to say the least. While tasseography is not as popular, this ancient art is as revealing as any other practice, and certainly one to be explored.


Where it began

While the exact origins of tasseography are unknown, tea leaf reading is believed to have begun in China in 2737 BC. It became more popular in other parts of the world as tea parlors became common in the 1800s and nomadic Romanis started reading tea leaves for women, usually.

Tasseography Cup

Reading between the leaves

Tasseography is based on directing energies and focusing them. When our intentions are focused on the tea, the leaves become mediums for our emotions, mirroring our thoughts and experiences. Tea leaves reveal sorrows, obstacles, solutions and predictions, when offered the right questions.

What the leaves need is a professional interpreter to reveal the message hidden in the shape, density, placement and colour of the wet tea leaves.

In our tea reading sessions, you will find a comforting, safe space to explore and unravel this ancient practice with a professional tea leaf reader in tune with your emotions. The reader will harness your energies into the cup of tea by establishing a connection with you, before she starts revealing the symbols and their interpretations. 

Reading the symbols

In tasseography, your tea leaf reader will encounter five kinds of symbols: mythical beings, objects, numbers, letters and animals. These reveal different meanings in different combinations. Wings, for example, signify freedom or an upcoming journey.

  • Tea leaves at the rim of the cup stand for the present.
  • The ones on the side indicate the medium term.
  • The ones settled at the bottom reveal the distant future.

The revelations of this practice are neither hidden nor mysterious, for they ask only the trust of the receiver. Trust in the goodness of your question, and in the power of the tea leaf reader, and you’ll discover a magic that reveals the layers of our existence.

To ensure all questions lead to clear solutions, all questions must revolve around the same topic or area. If you are trying to understand the past and future of a career choice, all questions must be about your career, and not meander to friendships and relationships. The queries you have for your reading, must contain specific questions for vague questions lead to vague answers. Instead, the basis of tasseography is diving deeper into a single area of your life to understand it completely.

Rather than a purchase, we believe the tea leaf reading session is a gift, for it requires equal sincerity from both the giver and the receiver. Here is what each tea leaf reading session includes, as per different needs:

3 Questions : INR 1100 5 Questions : INR 1300 ∞ Questions : INR 1500
15 Minutes Conversation
Tasseography Reader for Rungajaun Tea Estate

Tapsi: In pursuit of the truth in tea

Tapsi fell in love with her passion to seek the truth, before she fell in love with tea. For her, life is about seeking authenticity, enthusiasm and depth, and she is dedicated to help her clients discover the same.

"It has been over a decade that I started reading tea leaves. That was a time when people barely knew about this magical, divine guiding and yet I knew, this was a powerful practice that had to be introduced in India.”

During her one-on-one sessions, she explores the issues and questions that clients have and arrives sometimes at practical solutions, and sometimes at ones guided by the heart.

For her, tea is an experience that reveals much about the individuals’ state of mind and even more about where they are heading to in life. Through tasseography, she seeks to empower people with the knowledge of their true path, and familiarise them with the power of their own emotions in achieving their passions.

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