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Dip into the world of tea

Tea is truly a universal beverage in how it transcends the boundaries of nations and cultures, and truly a versatile beverage in how it has moulded itself to the palates and needs of people across the world. Millions of people consume wellness teas for different reasons, and in different ways, associating cultural memories and rituals to this simple cup.

But what tea shops used to be, the source of a cultural and spiritual act, is as interesting as what tea has become, a basis for conversations, debates and quiet moments. And what’s even more interesting, is what tea can become — going beyond just wellness teas to become sweet treats, skincare hacks, savoury delight, a boozy must-try and a magical experience.

Let’s dip into the world of tea from India to the world, shall we? There’s much to sip and savour!

Tea, in India

Did you know Chai is the national drink of India? Well, it certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise when chai is such an essential part of our every day, transcending beyond regions, cultures and classes. The spicy blend of Indian chai is the best tea in India, filled with masalas like ginger, pepper, cardamom and cloves, powering us through the day. This essential has become a constant element in our everyday memories, accompanied sometimes by a fresh serving of the local news, and sometimes by the courage to make important decisions.

Cultivated in the hills of Darjeeling, Assam and Meghalaya, black tea is infused with the magical touch when it is blended with fragrant Indian spices to become the truly Indian, doodh chai. So get your hands on some premium black tea and create a lovely custom blend!

Tea, beyond India

In cultures across the world, tea holds significant value in bringing together people and ideas. Tea shops are a popular and adorable culture in Japan, where matcha is served. But even apart from matcha tea, the Japanese “Chado” or way of tea is a spiritual ceremony where the host spends a long time carefully preparing the perfect cup of tea. There are traditional movements and gestures which guide this brewing process and the guest is the receiver, who slowly savours a cup, while appreciating the host’s process.

For the Chinese people, tea is a part of their everyday life and the climate of the country leads to cultivation of a wide variety of green, black and floral teas. The Chinese art of making tea is called “Cha Doa” and it is based on the beliefs of balance, pleasure and harmony.

In Britain, a good cuppa is essential for any Britisher and tea is elevated to a fancier art from, accompanied by dainty tea shops and buttery scones. In Britain, tea is seen as a solution, the first step to solving any problem. Heartbreaks, job losses, or celebrations like admissions or weddings, they all must begin with a nice, milky cuppa!

Tea, as it is

Today, tea has a strong fan following, with lovers of tea calling themselves everything from fans to tea heads. But we agree, for tea is something of an addiction, although a healthy one.

Recently, people have rediscovered the immense health benefits of tea as well, ranging from regenerating the skin to strengthening the heart, and even aiding weight loss. While different teas have different health benefits, it is inarguable that green tea for weight loss is the best low calorie replacement for juices. But tea can improve your life and health in every single aspect, with ginger and green tea soothing menstrual cramps, boosting energy as a pre-workout drink, and gently healing from within to improve fertility and libido.

Tea, as it can be discovered

There’s a lot more to tea than just sitting and sipping it because as an ingredient, the raw, dried tea leaves can become so much more! As lovers of tea, we like to toss our leaves everywhere and the results are always beyond expected! 

  1. Sweet savouries

Tea is an excellent ingredient for bringing a burst of unique flavour to cakes and pastries. One of our favourite recipes are oolong tea cookies with flavourful oolong tea. You can also buy green tea to make green tea cupcakes that are both sweet, yet have complex undertones and aftertastes. Earl greys and white teas can also be infused in creme brulees for a lovely floral layer.

  1. Boozy Tea

Tea doesn’t have to be so innocent and we love experimenting with our tea cocktails during the summer. Start with a simple iced tea using black or green tea and add vodka or rum with a generous addition of fresh fruits. Our recommendations are green tea mojitos and mint tea spiked with rum.

  1. Tea love for locks

A tea rinse is simple, it’s quick and it’s super, super effective. Just brew some good old green tea, let it cool and use it as the final rinse after you shampoo your hair for shiny, soft locks!

  1. Skin + Tea

Green and black tea both are amazing for your skin! Just cool some wet tea bags in the freezer and place them over your eyes to get rid of those pesky bags, or over your skin to smoothen out wrinkles.

  1. Tea & Fortune

Tasseography is the art of interpreting divine messages and symbols by reading loose tea leaves. Although it seems like a simple practice, the answers it unfolds are enchantingly surprising, to say the least. If you want to find out what your cup of tea says about your life and future, connect with a professional tea leaf reader.

For some, tea simply means relaxation and pleasure but for a lot of cultures, tea is tied to spirituality, a way to focus energies on what is important. Now it’s up to you, to discover the magic of this ingredient and let it infuse into all aspects of your life for a flavourful twist, wherever it’s used!



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