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Benefits of green tea you never knew before!

Green tea—that glorious beverage that entered our lives almost a decade ago and has now become a staple for wellness tea lovers all across the world, but is especially one of the best teas available in India. And to nobody’s surprise, for it is a wellness tea with much to offer to our bodies and minds. But do we really know just how much it has to offer? Green tea is way more than just a weight loss drink, which it is unfortunately usually understood as. It is a tea that soothes and revives, with flavours to rejoice in. 

Green tea, essentially, is an unfermented tea that does not go through the same withering and oxidation process as other teas. It is pale green with a slightly bitter flavour underlying the otherwise fresh, vegetal, fragrant tea. While it can be easily savoured as pure green tea, there are some wonderful fruity blends you can try from tea shops, or make your own!

But before we get into the flavour profiles, let’s talk about what this seemingly delicate tea has to offer to our bodies. 

The alert calm

While the amount of caffeine in green tea is quite low, it is enough to make you feel more aware and alert. But apart from caffeine, the best green tea grown organically, also contains an amino called L-theanine, which is known to have a calming effect. This powerful combination of caffeine and L-theanine does what coffee cannot. It makes you alert, but calm. So you can focus on maximising productivity without feeling jittery or uncomfortable, but rather having an elevated mood. 

Weight management

Yes, green tea and weight loss are related for the tea does support weight management but not in the way most of us would understand it to. While it does not magically make fat disappear, it strengthens our metabolism so when we do work out, the effects show up faster. It is also known to curb appetite, helping you control portions easily.

Immunity, boosted

Green tea‘s antioxidants are super powerful for they have antibacterial and antiviral effects, essentially supporting immunity. But apart from that, these antioxidants also have some surprising benefits such as fighting bad breath and supporting a healthier gut!

The age rewind tea

Ageing of skin is accelerated by the effects of UV light, exactly what green tea protects us from. With its anti-inflammatory benefits, you can actually start seeing effects from day 1, upto years later when it’s slowed down wrinkles and boosted skin elasticity.

Green tea’s ability to protect skin from UV light is what makes it an extremely powerful beverage for the long, hot summer months. That’s when you can pop some ice into your glass of green tea and enjoy it as a summer cooler!

Eat your tea

What? Eating green tea? It might sound strange but give us a moment because you’re gonna love what green tea can do, beyond being a drink. The ingredient itself has a lovely refreshing flavour that adds a hint of vibrancy to smoothies, oats, or even steamed veggies and rice. 

Pop it into puddings, cakes, even savoury dishes, and you’ll soon develop a taste and understanding of the correct quantity. For sweet delights, we recommend choosing a green tea blend rather than pure green tea!

Alter your mood like magic 

We knew that tea makes us instantly happier but apparently, science knows it too. The ingredients in green tea can make you feel calmer, happier, more in control and with twice the focus!

A fragrant, hot cup of green tea — sometimes that’s all you need on a cold winter morning, or after a long day. If you’ve fallen in love with green tea, there is no limit to the forms of green tea you can start exploring. And if you’ve just started experiencing and savouring its gentle flavours, we’d recommend trying some premium artisanal blends with green tea, to truly understand the versatility of the fresh flavours.



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