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Why White Tea Should Be a Part of Your Everyday.

Some teas are meant to energize, to power you up in the mornings and refresh you at night. Some calm gently, bringing much needed respite by soothing the senses. And some, like white tea, are meant to please an artist’s heart as much as they please a tea lover.

Wondering how white tea from India is different from other teas? It is named after the thin, white hairs that grow on unopened tea buds. Since the tea is so minimally processed, the young tea leaves hold all of their true flavour, unfolding into a pale yellow hue that is sweet, mellow, smooth and floral.

A tea that is truly artisanal in nature, white tea is perhaps the most delicate and smooth variety among wellness teas. It carries both the gentleness of flowers and the potent benefits of a tea cultivated with care. And when it comes to benefits, there are many, for it may contain the most amount of antioxidants compared to any other tea. We’ve listed some of the most unique ones, but treat white tea as an ingredient to explore and you will discover many more!

  1. Locks of love:
    The high amount of antioxidants in white tea mean that it is great for nourishing healthy hair growth and also prevents hair loss at a premature age. White tea also protects against sun damage, so it’s the perfect pick for those harsh summer months. The most interesting part is that white tea can help you get shiny, smooth hair not just when consumed as a tea but also as a topical hair rinse! Now that’s multipurpose.
    Lock Of love
  2. 10X Focus:
    Most teas help improve energy and alertness and while white tea does the same, the low levels of caffeine also mean that it keeps you calm and focused. So, white tea also happens to be a great alternative to black tea and coffee for people who suffer from anxiety. It’s the perfect pick for gently kicking off your day instead of jump starting it, and a great refresher all throughout the day!
    10x focus
  3. Perfect white:
    While a lot of teas can end up staining teeth, white tea actually does the opposite by making teeth healthy and strong! It prevents plaque and decay with natural antibacterial properties that keep your mouth feeling fresh all day long.
    Perfetch White
  4. Healthy heart:
    Since white tea works against bad cholesterol being oxidised, it automatically works against heart diseases, making it a smart choice for people of all ages, but especially the elderly.
    Perfetch White
  5. Happy tummies!
    White tea aids digestion, and it does it in an interesting way! Being a cooling tea, it clears the internal heat from our bodies. The reason foods with a lot of spices and oil can cause digestive issues is because they increase heat in the body, and that is exactly what white tea combats. So the next time you’re indulging in a big fat spicy and greasy meal, try savouring a cup of white tea after it and you’ll feel so much better!
  6. Sweet savouries:
    An unexpected benefit is the fact that being such a mild tea, it acts as a great ingredient for desserts. Try using the brew, as well as the raw leaves in cupcakes, tarts and meringues and it’ll not only provide an interesting flavour palate but also an irresistible aroma!
    Sweet Savouries
  7. Summer coolers:
    If you’ve never tried it as an iced tea, you’ve been missing out! The delicate, fruity, floral flavours work beautifully in flavoured water that you can sip on all day. Or make a slightly stronger brew and blend with fresh fruits for your customised summer drink!
    Summer Cooler

The benefits are endless and so are the ways in which you can incorporate the tea in your daily life. Be it your morning drink or your weekend experiment, let premium white tea from our online luxury tea store be how you explore the intricacies of the world of tea!



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